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semi final rounds

 Dear Participants,
Best wishes you all for your semi final round. Here are some information for semi finalist as follows -

  1. You may exchange your witnesses list, your evidences details, and summery of statement of witnesses before 12.01 AM (15.09.2019). After this time any exchange will not be admissible.
  2. You shall not share any documents, articles, statement of witnesses which are contradict with fact sheet and your memorials. 
  3. Statement of witness may include additional statement of witness or supplementary statement of witness but does't include contradictory statement of witness to fact sheet and memorials.


important notice


This is to inform about  some additional information with which you must abide to .

1. The participants should carry there own College/University I'd card with them when they get into the campus for verification purpose.

2. Any indiscipline activity will not be tolerated and Rs. 2000 will be charged as penalty along with that a mail will be sent to your respected University / Colleges regarding that. ((PROHIBITED ITEMS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED)

3. There will be a separate I'd card which will be issued to each participant which is compulsory to carry along with you when you roam around the campus.

4. Before leaving the campus it is requested from each team to kindly inform  the accommodation coordinators i.e Mr. Pranshu Agarwal(Ph.8449422275)  or Ms. Ambika Tomar.(Ph. 9799427944)

5. The entry timing in the campus will be before 7.00 PM. (NO FURTHER ENTRIES WILL BE ADMITTED  )

For any query regarding the event KINDLY CONTACT

1.  Mr. Pranshu Agarwal(Ph.8449422275)  

2.   Ms. Ambika Tomar.(Ph. 9799427944)


Clarification Regarding Time Management B/w Counsels

  1. In Preliminary Round at least 1 witness will be examined and cross examined by co-counsel.
  2. In Pre - Quarter Final Round at least 2 witnesses will be examined and cross examined by co-counsel.
  3. In Quarter Final Round at least 2 witnesses will be examined and cross examined by co-counsel.
  4. In Semi Final Round at least 3 witnesses will be examined and cross examined by co-counsel.
  5. In Final Round at least 3 witnesses will be examined and cross examined by co-counsel.


important clarification

Additional Information

  • Time allotted to examine the witness will not carry forward.

  • 2.5 Minutes for examination in chief and 4 minutes for cross examination.

  • Each witness will be cross examined immediately after the main examination.

  •  You will bring 6 sets of memorials (6 Prosecution & 6 Defense side). 

  • 5 set will be packed and 1 set of memorial will be separate for you to exchange of memorial for draw of lots in preliminary round. 

  • A security money of Rs. 750 (refundable) is compulsory for each student to pay before getting into the hostel rooms. (Per Head)

  • Three Buses will be provided on 12th of September. One at 8.30 AM , next will be at 11.00 AM and the last one will be at 2.30 PM. Please make sure you reach on time Because the buses will leave at sharp timings. And if the participants miss the bus then the team will have to find their own conveyance to reach the university. 

  • The buses will be waiting at the address given below-
  • Boarding Point Address-:
  • Amity City Office -Amity house , C-119 Lal Kothi Scheme , Behind Vidhan Sabha Jaipur ,302015. Phone-: 01426- 405678 (Ext-3360) BOARD AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID INCONVENIENCE

  • If any harm done to the property , you will be solely responsible for the payment of damages as per the hostel policies.

For any additional Information

Contact :

Pranshu : 8449422275 

( prashu.ag.228@gmail.com)

Ambika : 9799427944


Rules Regarding the witnesses

Allotment of witness in Preliminary Round

After the draw of lots, participants will be allotted 4 witnesses as per their side (prosecution or defense)

Pre-Quarter Final

 After the draw of lots, participants will be allotted 5 witnesses as per their side (prosecution or defense) 

Quarter Final

 After the draw of lots, participants will be allotted 6 witnesses as per their side (prosecution or defense) 

Semi Final

 After the draw of lots, participants will be allotted 7 witnesses as per their side (prosecution or defense) 

Final Round

 After the draw of lots, participants will be allotted 8 witnesses as per their side (prosecution or defense) 

Important Notice -

During the arguments, participants can use the statement of all witnesses but can only examine or cross examine to provided witnesses.

Now You can deposit your fee through UPI PAY


Name - Nitya Nand Pandey

Registration Process -

1. Send details of team members and college name to nnpandey@jpr.amity.edu for provosional registration

2. Send soft copy of registration form, travel form and fee receipt to  nnpandey@jpr.amity.edu for final registration latest by 25 August 2019

3. Send hard copy  of registration form, travel form and fee receipt to   -

Amity House

C - 119, Lal Kothi Scheme

Behind Vidhan Sabha

JAIPUR – 302 015 (Rajasthan)

Memorials -

1. Send soft copy of memorials latest by 07.09.2019 to nnapandey@jpr.amity.edu

2. Bring 6 sets of memorials at the time of arrival at Amity University Rajasthan Jaipur.


Queries Regarding Travel and Accommodation


Mr. Pranshu Agrawal - 8449422275


Ms. Ambika Tomar - 9799427944

Queries Regarding Moot Problem & Witnesses


Ms. Shallu Bishnoi - 7357557642


Mr. Himanshu Gupta - 7726001852


Ms. Rainy Jain - 7023910144

Queries regarding conduction of event


Mr. Shivendra Singh Chouhan -9119211133


Ms. Palak Khandelwal -8005844839


Mr. Vaibhav Soni - 9461040448

Fee Deposit Details

Online - Payee - Amity University Rajasthan

Bank - Axis Bank

A/C - 010010100496797

IFSC - UTIB0000010

G Pay - Nitya Nand Pandey 8795879501


Last date of Online Registration and Soft Copy of Fee Receipt Via Mail

25th August 2019 (Wednesday)

Before 11:55 pm 

Last Date for submitting Hard Copies of Registration Form, Travel Form and Fee Submission Receipt

5th September 2019 (Thursday)

Before 05:00 pm 

Last Date for Memorial Submission (Soft Copy)

7th September 2019 (Saturday)

Before 11:55 pm 

Formal Registration of Teams at AUR Campus.

12th September 2019 (Thursday)

02:00 pm – 05:00 pm 

Draw of Lots & Memorial Exchange (ALS Moot Court)

12th September 2019 (Thursday) 

05:00 pm – 07:00 pm 

Oral Rounds

13th to 15th September 2019

 Preliminary Round  

 Pre-Quarter Final and Quarter Final Round 

 Semi Final and Final Round 

 Valedictory & Prize Distribution Ceremony 


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Regarding 5th Amity National Trial Advocacy Competition 2019

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1. Whether the statement before magistrate u/s 164 of Cr.P.C. been Complied with ?


2. Charge sheet u/s 173 of Cr.P.C. has been filed against how many accused and what are their name ?

The Charge sheet submitted against all accused which names are mentioned in FIR

3. Whether the tender of pardon to the accomplice been granted as per section 306 of Cr.P.C.


4. Whether the application u/s 315 of Cr.P.C. been complied with or granted ?

Granted by Court. That mean they can record their statement as a witnesses

5. Details for fee submission

Payee - Amity University Rajasthan

Bank - Axis Bank

A/C - 010010100496797

IFSC - UTIB0000010

Branch Code - 010


 I have some doubts regarding moot proposition. When cctv footage will be made available to us. And  other witness will be prepared by you except volunteer witness or we have to prepare them. 

Ans-  You have to prepare your own CCTV footage. Regarding the witnesses, we will provide the student, who will familiar to preposition, but you have to prepare them as a witness. 




Q1. did Havaldar submit his confession under sec 164 of crpc in front of magistrate?

Ans. see www.jurisworld.in 

Q2. can we add facts  in the Cctv  report  about timings when it recorded the incident ?

Ans. open hand. cant say

Q3. body of the deceased was sent for postmortem directly from the hospital where he died or did police retrieve it after the registration of FIR from victim's family member?

Ans. loop hole. You can fill with justification

Q4. Can a villager and doctors(who treated ramesh) whose name is not given in moot problem be called as evidence during trial?

Ams. yes




Respected Sir, 

This mail is in regards to a clarification related to FIR,PMR and Statement of witness under section 161 of CrPC. The queries are as follows-

1. Regarding FIR and PMR, whether we are allowed to provide additional information without changing the information given.

2. Regarding statement of witnesses under section 161 of CrPC, if  the council for defence can bring such statements which supports its own story as there are marks allocated for the same in the rules.

Kindly, provide us the clarification of the same.

Reply.  In FIR and PMR you can't add any words. In other's witnesses' statement you can do but must not be inconsistent with fact. 


 This is regarding the clarification whether the Defense memorial is supposed to contain a confession and panchnama. Since Panchanama is made by the IO at the time of the investigation and IO is prosecution witness. Moreover, the person who confessed is also a prosecution witness. What relevance would the panchnama and confession hold from the side of Defence?

Reply-  I would like to say that if you are going to prepare your memorial on behalf of defense you have to also prepare Panchnama as prepared by IO during the investigation and in this you can take your favor. definitely defense does not prepare this but in event defense will prepare on behalf of IO and will try to search mistake. Of course, it is strange to hear that a person will create a document on his own and will try to rebut it, but this is a demand of the event.  Second part of question is related to evidence law so nee to research.





Queries and its response

Additional Information


This email is in regard to clarification regarding the weightage of evidences. If both the teams produce same type of documents as evidences, which sides evidence would be given weightage. Because according to the rules both the sides have to produce same evidences which will create a sense of confusion in the court room as both the teams will claim their evidence to be genuine and preferable. Further, the defense side will always put intentional mistakes in documents like FIR and Chargesheet consequently trying to make the case of prosecution weak. Also, according to the provisions of Cr PC there are some evidences which can only be provided by the prosecution and the work of defense is not to bring new evidences like post mortem report and seizure rather its work is to find loopholes in those evidences.

Therefore, we humbly request you to provide us with the clarifications regarding same in order to avoid further confusion and delay in proceedings at the time of competition.



Need not to be confused regarding the weightage of evidences. FIR and Post Mortem Report are given with Proposition and no changes is permitted in this. Prosecution will produce and defense lawyer will try to find out loop hole in it. 

And regarding the relevancy of other documents being produced by both parties and if there are some differences between them, that document will be considered which is close to proposition. For instance, content of hotel register is very clear for presence of accused. No one can make differ opinion from this.



Files coming soon.


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